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California laws restrict the use of your smart phone while driving

While the technology creates new devices and applications to help you when you drive, California laws since Sunday no longer allow you to touch your mobile when they are in your vehicle.

Understandably, laws seek to reduce traffic accidents and one of the causes of these is the use of the phone while driving. For this reason the hands-free laws are forcing drivers to use voice applications, an important niche for the creators of such applications.

It is interesting how laws and technology are getting more and more engaged, laws are not receding when approving the non-use of the cell when driving, but on the contrary, with the prohibition of the use of hands when driving, drivers will have to search Other alternatives such as applications for voice commands, which is better for the driver, clear whenever you go alone in your car.

In the end what the authorities are looking for is to reduce distraction when driving and avoid fatal traffic accidents. Since many people so as not to miss the publications of social networks review them even while driving.

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